Gather and Graze was born out of my desire to help you create a more intimate food experience.

In 2004, I bought a one-way ticket and moved to Florence, Italy. Many of my experiences in Italy remain vivid in my mind’s eye. But the ones that stand out the most were all those late-into-the-night gatherings around tables with empty plates and bottles of wine, candles burning low and playing music with friends.

You know the film EAT, PRAY, LOVE? If you haven’t seen it; it’s worth watching simply for the Italy segment. I will never forget the first time I saw the film as it resonated deeply with me. In the darkened Texas theatre, as I watched Julia Roberts connect with Italians over a feast, I suppressed tears of longing and gratitude. That film so beautifully captured those moments exactly as I had experienced them personally.

When I returned from my life of learning the art of la dolce far niente; I couldn’t wait to recreate the special parts of what i’d experienced in Italy. Gathering people together, lingering long into the night over food and wine. Playing music. Laughing til your stomach hurt, talking, debating.. connecting.

I guess you can say I’ve been recreating that experience ever since. Over the last 15 years, I’ve straddled two continents between the USA & Europe. My travels have expanded my worldview, to include understanding regional food cultures, how to appreciate different cultures and their food.. and how to share it with others.

It is said that we eat with our eyes. I couldn’t agree more! Who doesn’t love to arrive at a gathering and be wowed by the display of food?! Even more fun? Eating it! Especially when that food not only looks beautiful but is approachable and flavorful.

I am excited to offer this service to you as you bring people together… and linger long into the night.